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You probably don't want to play this game right now. It's in a very early stage of development. Just bookmark it and come back in a couple of months.

The game is playable, but it's only fun when there's a big group of you voice-chatting. It's here mainly for testing purposes.

In it's current state it contains only the bare minimum of features, which however provide a good base to build upon.

All of the fun features are coming in the next release, namely AI, a new and very cool UI, mobile support and new physics based shaders.

Also, it looks horrible, but that will hopefully be fixed in the next release too. You have been warned though.

This game is a remake (or resurrection) of a discontinued remake I loved called Tunnelers of an old DOS game I loved called Tunneler. It's a top-down tank shooter in set in a diggable terrain (hence the name) which I unfortunately hadn't had time to implement.

The game is open-source on GitHub. I'll be very happy if you report any issues you find there. I'm open to all ideas, and you're welcome to create a pull request.

Even if it looks like I'm not working on this anymore, even if the last commit is a few months old, I am. I'm a student, and I can't work on this full time. Heck, sometimes I can't work on this in my free time. But I will always come back. This game has got a special place deep in my heart.


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Windows (64 bit) - v2.1

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